Bar Units

All of our bars sections have been designed to fit together, circular or straight to create different sizes or shapes. The frames are made entirely from CE grade stainless steel which are designed to flat pack making them easy to transport and accessible to almost any venue.

Each bar is lit using 450 RGB LED’s giving perfect illumination in night or day. They can be set to one colour or can be set to fade or flash in between colours. Their brightness can also be adjusted too. We can include logos and artwork to customize the look of our bars for your event.

The following are some examples:

Straight Bar

2m Straight Bar sections are great for venues that need more than one bar area. They can stand alone or join up with other straight bar sections to create the size you wish.  They have shelving units also and are designed to fit our bottle fridges underneath. They come complete with an Ice Well and speed rail.

Round Circle Bar

1.2 m high and 4 metres in diameter with a working space inside of 2.8 metres diameter. This bar includes 4 ice wells and 4 speed rails. The bar has two levels of shelving. Our circle bar sections can also hold our range of slide door fridges. This bar comes complete with a custom made access door for staff making a complete round bar.

Half Round Circle Bar

This bar uses 4 sections of our curved bar range which includes 2 ice wells and 2 speed rails.

Oval Bar & Square Bar

These are the largest bars that we supply. Made from 8 sections of curved units and either 2 or 4 sections of straight units they create a bar that is 6m wide and either 4m or 6m in depth. Perfect for large events of up to 1000 people.

Why use us?

  • Our bars are hand made in CE food grade stainless steel;
  • We use high powered LED’s in our bars so you can see the colour even in day light;
  • Each unit can be controlled separately by remote or DMX;
  • Our bars are flight cased keeping them in mint condition;
  • We can supply fridges that fit into our bars;
  • Our bars completely flat pack, great for limited access;
  • They are designed by barmen for barmen.